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Professional Websites

Here are a few of the sites I've developed or worked on! I've been very fortunate to work with plenty of great clients throughout several different industries. My work ranges from individual landing pages, website redesigns, mockups, and complete website development from the ground up.

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Lakefront Advisory Website - Ryan Bucci Portfolio

6AM Sourcing Website - Ryan Bucci Portfolio

A Brighter Day Window Cleaning Service Website - Ryan Bucci Portfolio

ResumeCompass Website - Ryan Bucci Portfolio

OTTCA Website - Ryan Bucci Portfolio

HC Website - Ryan Bucci Portfolio

Vis Vires Gaming Website - Ryan Bucci Portfolio

CCHB Website - Ryan Bucci Portfolio

Simplex Design Web Design Mockup

Project Websites

Here are a few of the sites I've developed or worked on and used as learning tools!

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I enjoy making unique UI and UX mockups for redesigned websites, original websites, landing page concepts, email marketing, and more!

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Branding and Advertising

Branding, stationary, and advertising packages are always a unique challenge. I enjoy using the "less is more" approach when coming up with unique designs that reflect the business' goals. I enjoy the science and challenge of educating consumers and ultimately converting them into paying customers.

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Over the last 8 years, I've written hundreds of pieces of content in virtually every topic and industry. I've demonstrated a consistent ability to create top ranking and featured content on page one of Google's Search Engine, improve pre-existing content, and identify content gaps.

I take great pride in creating unique content that is well researched, easy to read, keyword-rich, and search engine optimized.

I've also had the unique opportunity to guest post on career advice, job search, and recruitment topics for some of the leading career advice and healthcare industry websites.

Ryan Bucci Content Featured on HC
Ryan Bucci Content Featured on tjn
Ryan Bucci Content Featured on TR
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Ryan Bucci Content Featured on r2
Ryan Bucci Content Featured on sdn
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Designing a logo for a company and their brand initiatives is one of the toughest challenges that a graphic designer can face. I enjoy the balancing act of trying to come up with unique designs that capture the essence of the brand, and also inform the consumer about what the company is focused on.

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Polygon Art

One of the most entertaining challenges I've had as a Graphic Designer was using Forza Motorsport 7's "Paint Shop". There you can make custom designs and share them for anybody to use in the Xbox Live community which can be shared, viewed, and used by millions of gamers on their car of choice in the game. These designs were all created strictly using polygons.

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Pennywise Forza Preview
RB Grahic Design Preview

Graphic Design

Today's audience requires more visual cues than ever before. Sometimes all it takes is a few graphics here and there to spruce up some content, drive the user to identify with the message, and increase awareness. I enjoy making unique graphics that help the audience connect with the content.

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